Frog Pond:


Why Frog Pond? Well it is a rather interesting cute Bell thing to do. We tend to name the areas in which we live.


Sometimes there's no home more welcoming than the one where you grew up, lovingly restored with a focus on comfort. When my wife and I returned to the big rambling house where I grew up, it was to raise our own family of four, we were following our hearts. For us, there's no more heavenly place on earth than Frog Pond Farm.


Built by my parents in 1942, the house perches on a hill overlooking Conception Bay. When I was born, I went, "straight from the hospital to the house." After my father died in 1983, We turned the May-to-October house into a year-round home.

Today, Frog pond remains a part of me...much like my art. So when it came time to choose a online name, naturally I claimed it would be frogpond.